online support features

Real-time visitors monitoring and chatting

You will always see all available information about your current web site visitors:
  • reffering site
  • reffering search engine and keywords
  • current url
  • current page title
  • country, region, city and IP
  • ... and more (fully customizable) ...

Multiple operators support

Everything is included:
  • client transfer between operatos
  • operator to operator chat
  • several operators can join same chat session
  • automatic chat sessions routing (by load or by first-answer manner)


Help your clients to find needed information on your web site using visual interactions directly in client's browser.
Our co-browse feature is easy to use and does not require any additional software except web browser!

Automatic rules-based dialog initiation

Initialte conversation with you visitors on "right" time.
Automatic rules allows initiate chat when its really needed.

Fully customizable chat widget

Operator status images and chat window outlook can be modified in any way.
  • size, position and visible buttons
  • colors and placement
  • embeded, fixed or separate window (popup)
  • localize chat interface to your language within 1 minute

SSL support

Be sure of your security.

Developers API

Fully functional Javascript API to control chat behaveour.

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